Raffle Rules


This is a raffle for the “Forging a Stronger America” raffle.  The raffle is hosted through Post World Patriot and will operate as the “Administrator” of the raffle.

There is no cash substitute for prizes.  Raffle prize winners will not have right to substitute another prize for any raffle prize offered through this drawing.  Tickets, spots, admissions, vouchers, receipts, slips, stubs, or tokens (electronic or otherwise) are not transferrable.  The ticket holder is the person who is named on a ticket which is submitted for entry into the raffle.  A named ticket holder is the only person eligible to take transfer of any prize drawn for that ticket.

Ticket purchasers must be 21 years of age or older.  The minimum age of 21 is required because some of the prizes may include items that require this as a minimum legal age for purchase, ownership, or transfer. All ticket holders must be eligible to lawfully receive and possess firearms and/or ammunition. This eligibility is the sole responsibility of the individual entering the raffle and the individual releases Post World Patriot and any of its affiliates from any legal obligation due to error following the raffle rules.  All Federal and State laws apply.  This raffle is void where prohibited.

This raffle is referred to as “Forging a Stronger America” by that it is meant that each ticket purchased is eligible to win in that specific raffle after the ticket is purchased and duly submitted for entry. Entries are item or prize specific and cannot be used toward other raffles.

A completed ticket is officially recognized as submitted for the drawing when the ticket is delivered to Post World Patriot and when the ticket is accompanied by the correct monetary amount for that raffle prize. Entries will be collected in US funds via PayPal.

Tickets must be officially received by the Administrator by the entry deadline. A confirmation email will be sent to the email provided at the time of purchase.

The Administrator reserves the discretion to allow a completed ticket to be submitted for a drawing after the deadline if collected funds are verified for payment of said ticket.

The dates of drawing shall be as set forth in the schedule which is printed on each ticket.

Drawings will occur on respective drawing dates at noon, provided that drawing times may be subject to change.  Drawing times can be confirmed at www.PostWorldPatriot.com Tickets will be kept secure by the Administrator.  For drawing, tickets will be chosen by random by an electronic program designed for this type of drawing.

The Administrator reserves the authority to agree and arrange with any winner to transport the firearm to another location for transfer of the firearm.  It is the responsibility of each raffle prize winner to qualify for and obtain transfer of each firearm raffle prize within 90 days of that drawing.  Failure of a raffle winner to qualify for and accept transfer of the firearm within that time will result in forfeiture of the prize to the Administrator.  In the event that a person drawn for a raffle is not eligible to receive the prize drawn, the prize will be deemed forfeited to the raffle administrator.

Shipping for any prizes will be limited to the 48 contiguous states of United States of America. 

Shipping and shipping cost to a winner with a valid street address in the 48 contiguous states is included for the Grand Prize.  Any winners outside of the 48 contiguous states will be responsible for shipping or obtaining their prizes. Shipping of any firearms or other prizes must comply with applicable federal and state laws. Bear in mind that firearms, ammo, or other regulated prizes will NOT be shipped outside of the United States.

The prizes listed in this raffle have been secured and received on behalf of the Administrator.  However, in the event of unavailability or other unforeseen circumstances, the Administrator reserves the right to substitute prize of substantially equal value for any prize listed in this raffle.

To be eligible for entry into the drawing tickets must be completed with the following information: Buyer’s complete name, complete mailing address, complete phone number, and Email address. The name provided at entry may be used to declare a winner to the rest of the participants of the raffle. If you would like this information to be kept private please disclose this at the time of entry.

Winners are responsible for any taxes and tax reporting required by law.  The Administrator make no representations as to the presence or absence of requirements for tax reporting or tax liabilities associated with the ticket purchases or prizes from this event.  The Administrator reserves the authority to issue appropriate tax reporting information for the winner.

By participating in this raffle you are helping to Forge a Stronger America!  Every entry gives American’s the chance to help each other grow stronger, more informed, confident, and united.  Good Luck!